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Have any old electronics you’d like to get rid of? Don’t throw them away! Donate them to TPAF for recycling! Click here to request a pickup. eWaste4good is currently assisting us with an electronic waste recycling fundraiser. We are offering free at home/office pickup of ewaste. As helpful as electronics are, they break or become outdated and need be disposed of properly. eWaste4good safely recycles these electronics here in California and donates the proceeds to local organizations like ours!


TPAF Open Mic Night Friday

TPAF Open Mic Night 2nd and 4th Friday
It’s time to come to the Playhouse every 2nd and 4th Fridays. The mic will be open to singers, poets, storytellers, comedians, rappers, actors, musicians etc. Donations are appreciated (suggested donation $5 at the door). Please remember to keep your act act clean. So absolutely no profanity, racial slurs, or obscene content.
The main thing is to come out and simply have fun and do what you do best. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Spoon River Anthology

Spoon River Anthology, by Edgar Lee Masters, describes the life of the fictional small town of Spoon River. Adapted for the stage by Charles Aidman, the play is set in the town’s cemetery where it’s deceased inhabitants speak out about their lives and the secrets that are buried with them. Secrets that are revealed through pain, humor, and love. The play is a “brooding and loving American folk poem.”

This production, presented by the Tracy Performing Arts Foundation, is directed by Diann McCannon, with a cast that includes Denis Martinez, Terry Donaldson, Lisa Rodrigues, Deborah Littleton, Ivan Young, Martie Muldoon, Tim Ackerman, Dannie Aregis, Amber Land-Denoyer, Dennis Logsden, Stephen Capella, and Melody Hall. The production is stage managed by Vanessa Espino.

Spoon River Anthology opens May 31 through June 9 at the Grand Theatre, 715 Central Avenue, Tracy, CA. Ticket available for purchase at: or just click here.

Deathtrap – A Thriller In Two Acts

In the Studio Theater at The Grand Center for the Performing Arts. Playing on Friday April 5th, Saturday April 6th and two shows on Saturday April 13th.. Tickets available or CLICK HERE.

Tracy Performing Arts Foundation presents DEATHTRAP by Ira Levin. DEATHTRAP holds the record for the longest running comedy-thriller on Broadway and was also nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play. A perfect two act, five character, one set thriller. TPAF’s production stars: Alan Wiltse, Michael Acosta, Diane Ferrone, Fay Kinsey and Don Bisbee. Directed by Mary Carr.

One of the great popular successes of recent Broadway history, this ingeniously constructed play offers a rare and skillful blending of two priceless theatrical ingredients—gasp-inducing thrills and spontaneous laughter. Dealing with the devious machinations of a writer of thrillers whose recent offerings have been flops, and who is prepared to go to any lengths to improve his fortunes, it provides twists and turns and sudden shocks in such abundance that audiences will be held spellbound until the very last moment. “It is a classic thriller, a genre with a style, a manner and an audience of its own. If you like thrillers, do see it. I promise you that it is vintage.” —NY Post. “The intricately fashioned plot contortions brought gasps, the comedy lines drew delighted chortles…” —The Hollywood Reporter. “Two-thirds a thriller and one-third a devilishly clever comedy…Suspend your disbelief and be delighted. Scream a little. It’s good for you.” —Cue Magazine. “If you care to assassinate yourself with laughter, try DEATHTRAP.” —Time Magazine.


Being Black In Tracy

Tracy Performing Arts Foundation in association with The Tracy African American Association Presents: Evelyn Tolbert’s “Being Black In Tracy” ( An Oral History Play ). Being Black In Tracy will be performed in the Studio Theater at the Grand Theater 715 Central Avenue in Tracy’s historic downtown.

Showtimes are 8:00PM on Saturday March 9th , Friday March 15th and Saturday March 16th. Ticket’s may be purchased through the Grand Theater’s web site: .

” This is an important and historic event for Tracy as a community” said Brian Carr, a member of Tracy Performing Arts Foundation Board of Directors.

Retired Councilwoman and local playwright Evelyn Tolbert talked with many Tracy residents collecting first hand accounts for an oral history of Tracy’s black community . The memories and recollections from Tracy residents that Tolbert uses in her play were recorded by the Tracy African American Association’s Oral History Program in 1996 and in 2004 fashioned into an entertaining and thought provoking stage play. The play takes place in the 90′s, as each character retells their story to an interviewer about their experiences in Tracy , during WWII , JFK, Dr. Martin Luther King and many more personal accounts in Oral Tradition style.

This 2013 production is directed by Peter Barrett. Peter is best known as storyteller and founder of Jali Enterprises specializing in African American History and providing educational entertainment. Peter has also performed in Boesman and Lena (2010), The Laramie Project, (2010), Sunshine Boys (2011) Rent (2011).

Peter Barrett – Director
Dianne McCannon – Assistant Director
Vanessa Espino – Stage Manager
Alynn lima – Assistant Stage Manager


Ludella – Cynthia Mundy
Elnora – Cheryl Knox
Shirley – Nancy Young
Howard – Ivan Young
Kenny – Trey Macintyre
Shanina – Lydia Young
George- Larry Roberson
Rosalee- Raychelle Williams

INFORMATION: Contact Peter Barrett 209-601-1477

One Act Play Festival – Award Winners

Best Actress – JoAn Rhoads in Special Delivery by Malena Eljumaily directed by Jonathan Carr
Best Actor – Roy Wendel for Voices , Written by Kris Polson & directed by Chris and Kellie Goodrum
Best Playwright – Kris Polson for Voices , Written by Kris Polson & directed by Chris and Kellie Goodrum
Best Direction – Chris and Kellie Goodrum for Voices , Written by Kris Polson & directed by Chris and Kellie Goodrum
Best Play – Voices , Written by Kris Polson & directed by Chris and Kellie Goodrum
Peoples Choice – Voices , Written by Kris Polson & directed by Chris and Kellie Goodrum